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Yule, How do you celebrate?

Yule/Christmas is upon do you celebrate this wonderful time of year?

We do the usual Christian version (hard to break old habits), but we are incorporating some more Pagan tributes. I'm not sure exactly what all those will be, so I won't make an idiot of myself and post those just yet.

We are having a Yule dinner/gathering at my coven mate's home on the 23rd. Pot luck dinner, and dressing up nicely. We were originally going to do a Yule Ball, but, my coven mate invited some other guests, and she didn't think they'd like the ball're all just going to dress "after 5"-ish.

My coven is having a seperate celebration on the 9th, when we have our ritual. Exchange gifts and just enjoy some time together..although I can't stay the night, like I normally do, as I am expecting company on the 7th, and I'm not sure how long she'll be here.

My family will gather at my SIL's on Christmas Day to exchange gifts and eat. Thankfully, they only live about 20 minutes from here.

This is a very busy time of year, but I'm learning I don't have to buy gifts for everyone and their brother. I used to get so stressed out feeling that I had to buy for all my friends and their families, all of my family....that really adds up, and not only does it stress me, it stresses our bank, this year, we're keeping it simple. And hoping that no one gets offended if they don't get a gift. If they do, oh well....I can't help that. do you celebrate???

Blessed Be,
~*~ Saijen ~*~

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