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Raging Hormones....

Who knew cows could be such bitches!! LOL

As I sit here at my computer, I'm also watching the cows going at each [sign in to see URL] cow and [sign in to see URL] cows. They are fighting each other like angry women, over a man.
head butting, nipping at bags and legs (I guess the equivalent of hair [sign in to see URL]) They're even picking on the younger hefers and bull calves.
They are in [sign in to see URL] man is it showing. As long as I've lived here, I've NEVER seen them do this. Rather surprising, I guess.
I do worry about the littlest ones getting accidently stepped on, or pushed into the [sign in to see URL] hurt in some other way.
Weird things go on when you live on a farm LOL

Blessed Be,
~*~ Saijen ~*~

~~*~~ .~~*~~
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