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True or not....

One of my children sent this to me. I've looked on Snopes to see about it's [sign in to see URL] there was nothing there, for or against it.
I think there is probably a lot more to the story that we're not being [sign in to see URL] IF......

Pagan family arrested for witchcraft!

October 4th, 2007 - Little River, South Carolina. Rhonda and Steve Grouber were arrested for practicing witchcraft, and child endangerment. Her son remains in juvenile detention as the courts won't release him into her custody because she is accused of casting spells on two police officers, and being part of the Pagan Motorcycle Gang.

Lt. Kevin Duke wrote out the warrant that he presented to the judge, including her involvement with the Pagan Motorcycle Gang, which was a corruption of her actually being the Pagans Night Out Coordinator for her area.

And if that isn't enough, when the police searched her home, they seized her on-line herbal business computer, as well as her husbands business equipment and computers, rendering them without their family lively hood.

What started out as a neighbor dispute quickly escalated when an angry neighbor called the police about her fear of Rhonda being a witch, and making false allegations of threats made by Ms. Grouber and her son.

Later that night Ms. Grouber and her son were sitting in jail cells. Not able to charge her with the crime of practicing Witchcraft, they held her for the maximum forty eight hours that the law allows without charging her, rendering her unable to attend her sons arraignment. Her son who has been in juvenile detention since the 10th of September, turned 17 on October 3rd. They will not release him to his mother as she has been deemed unfit due to her religious choices. Nor will they release him to his step-father.

To view the search warrants, see the following:

[sign in to see URL]
[sign in to see URL]
[sign in to see URL]
[sign in to see URL]

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[sign in to see URL]%20porn%[sign in to see URL]
[sign in to see URL]%20porn%[sign in to see URL]

Her son, Spencer Richardson, was said to have been arrested because he had an assault rifle in his possession. Though once in court the officers admitted it was just in the same room as he was. This is in conflict with the warrant Lt. Kevin Duke swore out, where he states Spencer was arrested having the gun in his possession, and drugs in his system. Both counts used to get the warrant issued have been recanted in court, and no drugs were found in the home or Spencer's blood system.

Spencer is a three year ROTC member, and was on the rifle team and Commander of the ROTC Athletics team. He has even attended Marine Boot Camp where he was has been trained in basic military courses including weapons. He was to attend officer school on his 18th birthday. However the courts will not release him because his family owns fire arms. Spencer Richardson was suspended from school based on these charges.

His family has appealed to the community to show him support by writing to him at:

Spencer Richardson
c/o Dept Juvenile Justice
1725 Shivers Rd
Columbia, SC 29212

His parents has been denied visitation because they are not approved for visitation. Even though the case worker has put their name on the list, it always comes up missing when they come to visit. Chastity Doyle, his caseworker, has been as helpful as she can be to the family. She is very new to the idea of paganism, and has been supportive and open minded.

During this time of war, all of our enlisted men and women, despite their religious affiliations, are asked to fight, and possibly lay down their lives, for the noble cause of democracy. All Americans, no matter how they choose to commune with the Divine, are constitutionally afforded the same rights, which include freedom of religion. Freedom of religion means all religions.

Recently, as a nation, we have witnessed the positive affects community support can have when unfair incarcerations happen because of civil rights transgressions. As we all witnessed in the case of the Jena 6, targeting anyone based on race, or as in this case religion, merits a combined community out cry. When any one of us are discriminated against, we are all discriminated against.

Please respond responsibly. Please lift up your voices to help this family. We ask you to write, email, fax, and or call the following numbers on behalf of Spencer, Rhonda and Steve, as a vocal member of the pagan community. In a small town, tucked away in an otherwise quiet southern state, it might be easy for officers and officials to forget the rest of the world might be looking in on their actions. We ask you to be a positive force that resonates the truth that there are many of us, and that we are watching.

"Never Again the Burning Times" survives as more than a mantra, for only as long as it is defended by deed.

These are those deeds.

The scarey thing about [sign in to see URL] is possible, and as the Christians cry out more and more against other religions in the United States, I'm not so sure this is such a far cry from probable. while I do think there is a lot more that's not told in this story, I think that it's very possible that Child Services was brought in, saying that a parent(s) aren't fit, since they don't "fit" into the NORMAL way of life. I wish I could find [sign in to see URL] may have to see if I can archive that local newspaper to see if there is anything there to support this.

True or not, I fear this may be the way things will go for a [sign in to see URL]. Christians feel threatened by anything they don't understand (as do a lot of other people)...and I think that Paganism and WitchCraft/Wicca, are some of the least understood pathways in this country.

What are your thoughts on reading [sign in to see URL] in mind that at this point, it doesn't matter if this is true or not. What feelings does this illicit in you? Does this make you crawl further under the rock you're hiding under to protect yourself? Does it make you want to crawl out from under that rock and protest? (I'm still hiding under my rock, for [sign in to see URL] don't go around blatantly telling people I'm a Witch, but I don't exactly hide it [sign in to see URL], I think I'm still under that [sign in to see URL] a little).
If this were your family, or someone you are close [sign in to see URL] actions would you attempt to 'fix' the situation?

I will work toward finding out if this is true or [sign in to see URL] post my [sign in to see URL] any.

Blessed Be,
~*~ Saijen ~*~

~~*~~ .~~*~~
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