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Solstice Feast!

Well, things are coming together for our Winter Solstice celebration this year. Looks like it's going to be quite the gathering! We are going to have about 20 people over. The menu will feature mostly locally, organically grown produce:

- Mixed salad greens with warm breaded goat cheese and vinaigrette (all local except the vinaigrette)

- Raw beet slices with cashew filling and pepper sauce (can't get cashews from around here!)

- Cream of squash soup (don't know a cow dairy, so the heavy cream comes from the store)

- Wild rice pilaf (wild rice isn't local, but all the dried fruits and nuts in it are!)

We will also be making eggnog from my chicken's eggs. My mom always makes Pecan Sandies and this year we are going to use the pecans from my trees! We've also made spicy Lithuanian mushroom cookies in the past and I hope we have time to do it again this year. The cookies don't have mushrooms in them, they are shaped like mushrooms - very cute! And my mom always makes pumpkin ice cream. our pumpkin crop was pathetic this year, so we will have to buy some pie pumpkins from the market.

We plan to start the yule log after dinner in the council fire pit and hope that it burns until midnight (official solstice time here is 12:08 am). The council fire pit is in the woods about 50 yards behind my parents house. There's a big fire pit and lots of wooden and stone benches around it. There's also a raised deck in the trees that has a new roof on it. They've just put in new lights out there getting ready for the party and it looks awesome! If it rains, they have a fire place inside, so all won't be lost. But I think we'll have to split the yule log for it to fit in the fireplace because it is HUGE this year!
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Re: Solstice Feast!

Looks like a great plan!

Have fun with the Yule log. emoticon

- Firlefanz

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