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The Pagan Porch Online Cookbook

Appetizers, Dips, Spreads and Snacks

]Asparagus Appetizer* (2nd post) (finnabairpendragon)
]Salsa ... and I don't mean the dance* (Saijen)
]Papa Fish's Crawfish Dip (Brother Fish)
]Hummus* (TexasMadness)
]Basil Sunflower Seed Pesto* (4th post) (mama0moon)
]Mayonnaise Experiments* (TexasMadness) and ]A New Mayo* (muladzh)
]Kale Chips* (TexasMadness)
]Deep Fried Cheese Sandwich* (TexasMadness)

Breakfast and Brunch

]Brunch Quiche (Brother Fish)
]Mini Sweet Potato Frittatas* (TexasMadness)


]Summer Faerie Salad* (Brother Fish)
]Midsummer Pasta Salad* (Brother Fish)


]Cream of Tomato Soup* (TexasMadness)
]Chicken Pot Pie Soup (Saijen)



]Crone’s Mourning Pot Roast (Brother Fish)
]Hamburger Pie (Saijen)
]Colorful Kielbasa (Saijen)
]Italian Porkchops TexasMadness
]Meatballs (Saijen)


]Asian-spice Chicken Wings (Saijen)
]Fajita Chicken (Saijen)
]Chicken and Dumplings (Brother Fish)
]Asian Chicken (Saijen)
]Sweet and Sour Chicken (Saijen)
]If You Knew Ginger Like I Know Ginger Chicken (de Corbin)
]Smoked Turkey Breast (de Corbin)
]No Fuss Chicken(Saijen)


]Brother Fish Crawdad Cakes (Brother Fish)
]Papa Fish's Crawfish Meat Pie (Brother Fish)


]Garden Gloop* (WillowMichelle - Eeshul)
]Autumn Succotash * (Brother Fish)
]Roasted Veggies* (Brother Fish)
]Roasted Orka* (Saijen)
]Cabbage Rolls* (TexasMadness)
]Whacky Sweet Potato-Zucchini Casserole* (Firlefanz))

Grains and Pasta

]Risotto di Zucca* (TexasMadness)
]Empanadas or medieval food pockets (Brother Fish)
]Pasta Dough Recipe*(TexasMadness)
]Creamy Rice*(TexasMadness)
]Deep fried calzones* (TexasMadness)

Other Sides
]Corn souffle* (Saijen)


Baked Goods

]Peasant's Bread* (4th post) (WillowMichelle - Eeshul)
]Whole Wheat Bread with Ground Flax* (3rd post) (mama0moon)
]Onion 'bread'* (TexasMadness)
]Pumpkin Muffins* (TexasMadness)

Desserts and Sweets

]Mom’s Quick Cobbler* (Brother Fish)
]Old Fashioned Raisin Pie* (Bergere)
]Easy Holiday Rush Cookies* (Saijen)
]Snickerdoodle* (TexasMadness)
]Pineapple Pie* (Saijen)
]3-2-1 Cakes* (Saijen)


]Brother Espresso* (Brother Fish)
]Mater Juice* (Saijen))
]Hot Lemonade*(TexasMadness))


Ethnic Cuisine

Indian Food:

]Bhel Poori* - snack or appetizer (TexasMadness)
]Burfi* - sweet/dessert (muladzh)
]Ghee* - cooking ingredient and treat (muladzh)
]Paneer* - Indian cheese (muladzh)


Preserved Foods

]Zucchini Jam* (Saijen)
]Pickled Eggs* (TexasMadness)
]Dried Tomatoes with Basil and Salt* (TexasMadness)
]Spicy Eggplant Chips* (6th post) (TexasMadness)
]Sauerkraut* (TexasMadness)
]Apple Pie Filling to Can* (Saijen)
]Watermelon Candy* (TexasMadness)
]Pickled Limes* (TexasMadness)

The Home Dairy

]Yogurt* and ]Another yogurt thread!
]Paneer* - Indian cheese (muladzh)
]Butter - machine and ]Butter - hand


Sabbat and Pagan Recipes

]Lammas Bread* (Brother Fish)
]Quick Meade for a Warm Beltane* (Brother Fish)
]Warm and Cozy Yule Drink* (Brother Fish)

* Vegetarian, or easily converted to vegetarian

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