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This is a collection of both online resources that our members have found useful, as well as information posted by our members.

Book Reviews:
The Library forum is a place where our members can post about books they have read. There is a ]sticky in the forum that lists all the Pagan and spiritual books that have been talked about.

Paths, Philosophies and Wisdoms:

to Pagans, Heathens and Recons
]Huna: Ancient Hawaiian Psychology
]Setian Basics

Grimoires and Ancient Texts:

]The Key of Solomon


a Mystery (Part I): Dysfunctional Behavior and the Pagan Scene
a Mystery (Part II): Healthy Pagan Groups and Individuals
]Healthy Pagans
]Hiding in Plain Sight


]Ars Armadel


]The Symbol Dictionary
]Wheel of the Year

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