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Re: Solitary or Group?

Curious, if you are truly wanting to just check out a group, one way to possibly find out more about one is through a local metaphysical store. That is actually how I found the group I was/am with. The HPS and HP are a few years older than myself and my DH, and we have all become best friends. Many times, our 'group' things consist of just the 4 of us, and my DH isn't completely like minded. If you want an explanation about that comment, just ask lol.

Our group never was very big, and as classes got harder, many left until there were just 2 of us as students. I was initiated first into the coven, the other student was initiated about 2 months later. As she and I worked toward our second degree, it seemed neither of us could remember some things and the HPS got a bit irritated with us...and rightly so....then the HPS went back to work fulltime, so our coven essentially came apart. The other student is no longer someone in our group. One of the ones that left earlier on left because of work that took her to another state. She is back now, and that makes me happy. she's been involved with our gatherings since she's been back. Most of our gatherings are open...meaning you don't have to be a coven member to join in the celebrations.
Anyway...I got WAY off topic....find a reputable metaphysical store and just ask some questions. They may, or may not, be able to help...but you won't know unless you ask emoticon

Blessed Be,
~*~ Saijen ~*~

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