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Welcome to the book group!

Around the middle of each month (Jan 15th for instance), we select a book and anyone who wants to join obtains the book and begins reading. We have until the end of the following month (end of February for instance) to finish it. We do allow longer times for longer books but try to split the discussion up as the book goes along.

The books we read are topical to this forum. That does not mean they have to be Pagan in nature. They can be general spirituality or even about other religions. We also read books about homesteading which can include environmental concerns and food politics. If you would like to suggest a book, please send me a PM. I will make sure the book fits the basic criteria and then add it to the list!

(the links in this thread take you to other threads on the board where the book is discussed)

Book currently being read (May):

]Better Off: Flipping the Switch on Technology by Eric Brende

Discussion of this book will start on June 1st or as soon as everyone is done!

Book currently being discussed (May):

]Exploring the Pagan Path
    ]General Discussion
    ]Making a Personal Connection with Divinity
    ]Pagan Ethics


Previous discussions:

]The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton
    ]General discussion


Trouble finding the book? Be sure to check your local library (remember that many libraries have 'interlibrary loan' programs, meaning they can get a book they don't usually have) as well as used book stores. Of course, you can almost always find a book online - ]Amazon caries nearly everything. ]AbeBooks is one of my favorite used book sources on the web.

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