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Very interesting food blog!

I've recently discovered a really neat food blog. I've commonly found ones that I thought were fun for awhile, but I've never stuck to reading them. This one appears to be different!

]The Old Foodie

Every weekday I give you a short story on a food history topic, always including a historic recipe, and sometimes a historic menu. And how much fun is that!

It's full of fun tidbits that will probably more entertain than be useful. But to a homestead-minded person like myself (and many of you!), some of the "fun facts" are actually good advice. A recent post started out "Have you ever had the urge to make your own condensed milk?" I was eagerly nodding my head! She continues: "I thought not." Hehehe, guess I'm the weird one! She then includes an recipe!

There's lots of fun stuff and she does a post every week day. I saw that she wrote a book published in the US and planned on getting it (I love her style)...but it's $195 on Amazon! emoticon So I'll just keep reading her blog for now! Check it out!

EDIT: Eek! I had checked my local library (the city library) and they didn't have the book. But then I thought to check the University [sign in to see URL] do have it! I need to update my card with them - still free, just need to do the paperwork - and then I'm going to pick up ]Menus from History: Historic Meals and Recipes for Every Day of the Year (as if I need another cooking project right now...)

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Re: Very interesting food blog!

May have to check this out when I have a bit more time to actually pay attention. We're always looking for different things to try [sign in to see URL] get so tired of the same ole same ole every week.

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