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Re: What are you doing to stay connected?

I'm quite certain that neighbors think me completely insane. I'm always outside...I love being out there. When it's snowing...I just walk outside and stand coat, might have jeans, tee and slippers on. Letting the snow flakes kiss my face.
I run my hands down my trees and through my hedges, asking them how they are.
Hubby and I take off and drive up to the mountains as often as we can. I love I make stretched canvas prints, holiday cards, calendars etc...from my photos. But when I'm out in the mountains, I'm totally there. My husband has to keep a good eye on me, I become unaware at times of my surroundings, especially when a particular tree or 'photo' calls to me.
HE had to holler at me to get my attention, before I walked off a ledge into a half frozen river just this last trip! emoticon
In the Spring and Summer....I am the one who cuts the grass, trims hedges....plants, grows, harvests..I love it.
Without Nature, for me there is no life. ♥
Being in Nature is how I connect to all. emoticon


*The noblest art is that of making others happy ~ P.T. Barnum.*
'Stay where there are songs."....Gypsy proverb~

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