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Don't know what Imbolc is?

Check it out in this part of the board.

(Errr. Sorry. I don't know, either. emoticon )

- Firlefanz

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Re: Don't know what Imbolc is?

OK... will just post this in case.

Imbolc is one of the four principal festivals of the pre-Christian Celtic calendar, associated with fertility ritual, was subsequently adopted as St Brigid's Day in the Christian period, and in more recent times has been celebrated as a fire festival, one of eight holidays, festivals (4 Solar and 4 Fire/lunar) or sabbats of the Neopagan wheel of the year. Imbolc is arguably one of the predecessors of the Christian holiday of Candlemas.

Imbolc is conventionally celebrated on 1 February although the Celtic festival commenced on January 31. In more recent times the occasion has been generally celebrated by modern pagans on Feb. 1 or 2. Some neopagans relate this celebration to the midpoint between the winter solstice and spring equinox, which actually falls on Feb. 4 or 5.
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