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Book of Formulas

Book of Formulas

[color=Blue]Surfing around I found this interesting web site. Is more in the lines for Witches,,but a neat read.[/color]

Any witch worth her eye of newt (or who has read Scott Cunningham's books) realizes that different herbs are magically good for various things. Cunningham's books are excellent - but to learn about herbal magick in a bit more depth, click on the Key below:

Moon Incense
Grind to powder 1 part sandalwood & 1 part cedar shavings. Add 3 parts cedar oil, 1 part sandalwood and a few drops of camphor oil. These oils in these proportions also make Moon Oil.
(modern witches do use blenders!)

Elf Fire Incense

3 parts musk crystal
4 parts dittany of crete
6 parts cinnamon3 parts dragon’s blood
4 parts frankincense
1 part cardamom

    Mystic Rites
(a Power Incense)
4 parts cinnamon
2 parts patchouli
3 parts oakmoss
1/2 part St. Johnswort
1/2 part galangal 3 parts mistletoe
3 parts deerstongue
1 part dragons blood
1 part allspice
1 part clove
3 parts lavender

 Moisten with 1 part wine, 1 part honey, a bit of orange blossom oil, about twice as much as that of sweet pea oil, and double that amount again for the sandalwood oil, the lavender oil and the patchouli oil.
To Keep a Thing Hid:
When the moon conjuncts the sun, fume the hiding place with:
Coriander, saffron, henbane, smallage and black poppy seed.
No one will find it.
Note: use only a small amount of henbane – the fumes are poisonous.

For more go to..

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