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Re: what color is the Easter Bunny

Thanks all. My grandfather loved Easter he would go to great detail every year to hide one egg for everyone in the family. He would bury one, stick one up on the barn roof. Depended on if you were good or bad how hard that egg was to find. Our egg hunt could last an hour or 2 easy. Every year we would have a brown rabbit hop out during the hunt (never did figure out how he managed that trick. And always even though grandpa made a map of where each egg was hidden one egg would always disappear.

We had the egg hunt again this year but it has never been as much fun or as mysterious as when grandpa was still here.

I do like the Kelly Green vest though maybe I will sew one up and leave for the bunny for next year.

Love and Light


May your journey be full of happiness and blessings
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