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Bought a new Icelandic

I have been looking for another Icelandic for a long would not beleive what I have seen the last 1 1/2+ years while looking for horses.
Even looked at other breeds just in case.
Originally wanted a nice small stout level headed smooth gaiting horse with miles. But there where none to be had.

So I got one with a sweet temperament, people friendly without being pushy, outstanding conformation, the height I wanted and a good back to put a saddle on.

Her name is Freydis.

She is a Black 13.2 hand Icelandic 4 year old. She will be started and then will come home.
These pictures do not show how nice she is in person.
I feel really good about getting her. Funny thing is, I have known her all her life and visited often in the past.

Last time I visited, She kept coming over to me to say Hi, even when she was eating. And when the owner was putting them away in the pasture,, loose. She is the only one to stop and say Hi again, even when her buddies where running to the pasture.

Yes, she is young and very green but is sooo very sweet. Has a nice conformation and no worries about a saddle sliding on her.


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Re: Bought a new Icelandic

What a cutie!

I'm glad you found her and that she seems to love you from the start.

Best of luck!


- Firlefanz

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