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Beans, beans.....good for your heart....

the more you eat..the more you... well...nevermind

The tomatoes are about done for this year. What is left of the greenbeans I'm leaving for my SIL. I'll go get her day after tomorrow and we'll just pull the bean bushes up, then pick the beans off. I'll help her string and break them if she wants but the canning is up to her at her house.
The corn MAY make it yet.
My cabbage went wild...I've got to get out there and get it picked and start working on some chow chow and/or some kind of relish. I'll also either freeze or can some.
I didn't keep a lot of the okra this year. I still have a lot from last year.
The onions and beets are done, and all the varieties of peppers are about done.
It's been a hard year for the garden. Not a lot of rain, and the irrigation system has had way too many glitches to have been very efficient and functional.
However...we won't go hungry!

Blessed Be,
~*~ Saijen ~*~

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